An overview of modern tennis

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Summer is the season for tennis and all the associated traditions and ceremonies. Tennis is as much a cultural institution as it is a sport. There’s the large public competitions all across the world and the prestige and glory that go with some of the bigger events like Wimbledon, for example. The cultural element comes into play as well with various lawn parties and the traditions of having picnic parties in tandem with some of the large, outdoor tournaments. However, tennis as we know it today, is a relatively modern phenomenon. Although tennis has a long history, the game we play today doesn’t quite look like the game that took gave birth to the sport over the past few centuries.

In mediaeval and early modern Europe there were a great many games involving hitting balls back and forth in a volley. Some used rackets and for others the palm of the hand was used. As far as we can tell tennis initially didn’t have rackets but instead was played by hitting a ball back and forth using the palms of one’s hands.

This game was played in the cloisters of Northern France and quickly spread across the Channel to England because of the countries’ interconnected cultures at that time in the 12th century. It took the game a further 400 years however before it even acquired a racket.

It was a sport predominately for the aristocracy of those days as few people could afford to maintain a dedicated tennis lawn and few even had enough space for a tennis court or lawn. But it steadily grew over the centuries and the racket evolved further. One of the major developments in the sport itself was the distinction between tennis and ‘real tennis’ (real tennis is a term invented in the 20th century and applied retroactively to tennis). Real tennis was a game played mostly in castles and cloisters in confined areas on a small court. At this period tennis as we know it today started being played more and more on lawns. Real tennis still exists and is played traditionally still, but more or less died out as a public past-time somewhere in the earlier 20th century.

Tennis as we now know it was becoming more and more popular however as it began being accessible to larger numbers of people as public awareness of the sport grew. 

In 1900 the first ever Davis Cup was played in England. Over the past 100 years the Davis Cup has grown in prestige and notoriety. It wasn’t long after that first Davis Cup that tennis started taking shape as a cultural institution as we know it today with its associated garden parties, betting, gossip, and being a fixed point in so many calendars of summer sport lovers.

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Some important tips for the professional sports better

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It’s important that you’re aware of why you’re betting. If you are putting down some money with a couple of friends on a Friday night, you probably don’t need to think too much about what you’re betting on and instead just have a good time. But if you’re the kind of person, like me, who makes a lot of bets then you’ll definitely need to have a more professional approach. Keep these following tips in mind:

  1. Be in the appropriate state to bet. Again, if you’re off with the guys having a good time and betting for fun, then sure, have another drink. But if you’re actually trying to turn a profit then put the booze aways and think of betting as a job. You probably won’t go to the office drunk, so don’t go to the bookie or the casino after having a few drinks. As a professional gambler, you will need to be aware of your own condition and consider whether or not you’re in the right mood to place a bet.
  2. Always bet within ybudgetour budget. This sounds obvious, but many a gambler endeavours to cover their losses with bigger and bigger bets. Yes, it works on occasion, but essentially you’re relying on luck and any long-time gambler will tell you that’s a very bad idea. This will very rarely result in a net profit. If you’re made uncomfortable by the thought of losing the amount you’re betting, then your bet is beyond your means. You’ll want not to neglect psychological effects of wins and losses. If you getting worried  over how much you’re losing you’re less likely to take a calm and considered attitude to gambling and the bets you place can easily get more and more dangerous for your finances and in serious cases even your health.
  3. Know the sports you’re betting on as much as possible. Even though it can be a lot of fun to place bets when you’re first getting into a new sport, you’ll certainly want to have a thorough knowledge of what you’re betting on. Refrain from placing a bet if you’re a novice to the sport. Thinking long-term, you’ll most likely lose a lot more than you make if you’re betting on things you don’t know. Stick to sports you know well or at least try to make small bets only when you’re beginning betting on a sport you don’t know well.
  4. Stay current with all the latest information about the teams, athletes, venues and sports. Follow whatever sport you bet on keenly and astutely. Know about teams’ and athletes’ statistics, or changes in management, what the weather situation is in the cities hosting the sporting events and on occasion a bit of gossip can even be of help. You know never what factor will be the deciding one of a game or match or bout, so remember to think about everything.

5. Keep records of how successful (or lucky) you have been with your bets. You’ll never be able to improve your success rate if you’re neglecting to follow your own statistics. Buy a book especially to keep track of how well you’re doing. This will make it easier to analyse why you’re winning or losing and allow to hone your skill faster.


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Michigan Wolverines at Maryland Terrapins

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The No. 22 Michigan Wolverines (3-1) are looking to extend their to extend their three-game winning streak as they travel to play the Maryland Terrapins (2-2). The game will begin Saturday, Oct 3 at 8:00 p.m. ET and can be seen on BTN and BTN2.

Maryland lost big to West Virginia 45-6 last week. Brandon Ross had an outstanding performance on the ground in the loss, rushing for 130 yards on 15 carries. Michigan is hoping for another victory like last week’s performance, when it routed Brigham Young 31-0. De’Veon Smith had a big game on the ground for the Wolverines, gaining 125 yards and one TD on 16 carries. Jake Rudock added 194 yards and a TD through the air.

The odds are even for this game and the Over/Under (O/U) is presently unavailable.

The Terrapins enter the game with a record of 2-2 Straight Up (SU) and Against The Spread (ATS) this season.

On the other side, the Wolverines have a record of 2-2 ATS and 3-1 SU. Michigan’s fifth-ranked pass defense has given its competition difficulty. Opponents have only thrown for 121.2 yards per game against this scary unit. The Wolverines usually get a boost in the second quarter, when they average 13.8 points this year. Prepare to see a lot of yellow flags flying around when the Terrapins are playing. They are one of the most penalized teams in the nation with 8.2 calls per game.

Predictions: SU Winner – Michigan, ATS Winner – Michigan

Extra Info:

The total has gone UNDER in 7 of Michigan’s last 8 games.

Michigan is 2-5 ATS in its last 7 games on the road.

Michigan is 1-7 SU in its last 8 games on the road.

The total has gone UNDER in 7 of Michigan’s last 10 games on the road.

Maryland is 4-9 SU in its last 13 games at home.

Michigan is 3-0 SU when leading at the half this season. Maryland is 2-1 SU when taking a lead into halftime.

Michigan holds the upper hand in the passing game, according to overall FBS ratings. Its offensive passing game (ranked 97th nationally) will face the 102nd-ranked pass defense of Maryland, while its fifth-ranked pass defense will look to limit the 98th-ranked aerial attack of the Terrapins.

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Tennis betting

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AAround the globe, tennis is a standout in the well known games to wager on. The way that the tennis timetable is stuffed with activity means fans and bettors get a lot of activities lasting through the year. Obviously the greatest occasions are the Grand Slam competitions, The Australian, French and US Opens, and The Championships at Wimbledon. In case you’re great at tennis wagering, you’ll see that you have matches to wager on practically each day of the year, not at all like soccer, for instance, where there’s just truly activity on weekends and amid the winter months.


Like any game, doing your examination is critical to winning your wagers. The best aspect regarding tennis wagering is the measure of details accessible. The ATP site keeps up the records for every last bit of its matches and pulling up past results and details are to a great degree simple.

At the base of the landing page, there’s case where you can include the names of any two players and get the majority of their details on everything from number of pros to first serve return rate, and their no holds barred record throughout the years.

At the base of the landing page, there’s case where you can include the names of any two players and get the majority of their details on everything from number of pros to first serve return rate, and their no holds barred record throughout the years.

While the ‘who will win’ business is continually going to be the most prevalent, it isn’t essentially going to be the particular case that offers you the best chance to win cash. Different markets typically accessible on tennis matches are things like ‘aggregate number of amusements’, and ‘who will have the most aces’ which are really plain as day, then other like the ‘recreations handicap’ where the bookies may set a line of +5 for the underdog, implying that on the off chance that he loses 7-6, 7-6, 6-4, despite the fact that he has been beaten by 3 sets to nil, he has beaten the impairment in light of the fact that he just completed down 4 diversions in the matched general.


Had he lost in 5 sets with scores of 0-6, 0-6, 6-4, 6-4, 4-6 he would have neglected to cover the impairment in light of the fact that he lost by 10 diversions, in spite of performing vastly improved in the match. This is an incredible business to wager on as the bookmakers lines can regularly be misguided.


Another awesome business to wager on is the ‘more pros’ business sector. A decent sample of why showed up amid the 2012 Wimbledon last, where Roger Federer was playing Andy Murray. For reasons unknown the greater part of the worlds Top Sportsbooks concluded that Federer’s predominance was such that he was certain to have the most aces, however in the event that you about-face and take a gander at the no-holds barred record between the two, you’ll see that Murray quite often have more aces, and he’s one of the best returners of serve in the amusement.

In conclusion an expression of caution: Betting locales offer a great deal of ‘in-play’ markets directly down to ‘who will win the following point?’. These business sectors are quite often evaluated up heavily for the bookie and ought to be kept away from quite often.

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